The oil, designed with the advanced response, control, and enjoyment (RCE) technology, comes in two variants; Shell Advance AX3, a mono-grade which comes in a red bottle and Shell Advance AX5, a premium multi-grade which comes in a yellow bottle.
Shell Statement
A statement issued in Accra by Mrs Shirley Tony Kum, the Corporate Communications Manager of Vivo Energy Ghana, and copied to the Ghana News Agency, said the Shell Advance motorcycle engine oil had an active cleansing ingredient which protected the engine from wear, minimised vibration and reduced engine noise, giving motorbike riders a smoother, quieter ride.

“The new RCE technology of Shell Advance delivers exceptional reliability of oil performance through careful formulations of the highest quality additives and base oil to enhance protection,” the statement said.

Shell Advance also enhances control by helping to optimise gear shifts, smooth clutch engagement, prevent slippage and increases ride enjoyment by reducing vibrations and dampening engine noise.

Mr John-Doe Samlafo, the Country Lubes Sales and Marketing Manager of Vivo Energy Ghana, at the launch of the product, said Shell Advance was designed to offer reliable, durable and quality protection for all motorcycles to meet the unique needs of motorcyclists.

“Motorcyclists will now enjoy the thrilling performance of their motorcycles as Shell lubricants are endorsed by the world’s top vehicle manufacturers including Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, Toyota and the world’s leading motorbike brand; DUCATI,” he said.

Vivo Energy Ghana, in line with its community investment initiatives on road safety, also presented 50 helmets to motorcyclists who attended the programme and advised them to abide by good road safety measures.


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