Vitus Azeem

The Executive Director of the Ghana Integrity Initiative Vitus Azeem has lauded Parliament?s move to draft a code of conduct for Members of Parliament.

According to him, ?it is important for every group of people be it professionals or whatever to have some code of conduct to guide their behaviour. ?

Parliament on Thursday formed a seven-member committee to draw up a code of conduct for lawmakers.

The House took the decision days after the Speaker directed that a committee be formed to define an acceptable ?code of conduct? for the MPs.

Sharing his thoughts on the issue on eyewitness News Mr. Azeem indicated that the move is necessary because, ?we are human beings and in every society some members of the group are likely to behave in a way that will be unacceptable to the larger majority.?

He explained that it is a ?way of making sure that they behave in a way that is not only acceptable to them as parliamentarians but acceptable to people that have elected them.?

He revealed that although there are problems with codes of conduct because ?most of the time you can only apply administrative sanctions because you cannot take the person to court and you cannot prosecute the person for breaching the codes? it would enable MPs to behave in the best way.

Meanwhile a former Deputy Speaker of Parliament Prof Mike Ocquaye believes the move to have a code of ethics is an opportunity to re examine every decision that takes place on the floor of Parliament.

?Recently, what we hearing about a company that wants to provide bore-holes to Members of Parliament, I believe that some Members of Parliament are not happy with it and from what Mr. Speaker himself said which I admire so much, this offer can be made to the district assemblies? he stressed.

He added that this is because ?it is a service to the community in which the members of parliament belong.?



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