Well, if we talk about Northern Cyprus the first thing that which made feel so very attracted to this place the ancient village in Kyrenia that is Bellapais Abbey. I was told a number of stories about this abbey that the abbey was the home place of some of the monks (and many other things that which I know not very necessary for me to explain to my readers here for I would like them to go there at least once to hear from the local Cypriots.. if they can). I must say that this place is a really one of the best picturesque places on earth.

If you are thinking of taking the best moments of your stay here in North Cyprus then it is advisable that you record everything. The landscape is just awesome. The beauty of the gardens, the breezily air around the beaches in Kyrenia and Famagusta, the architecture of monuments etc will truly leave you stunned for a while.

(One secret that I would like to share here is this: I even thought of buying some property there. Trust me, many of the those who fall in love with this island buy cheapest North Cyprus properties and plan to live their whole here).

Visited some of the lovely museums in Kyrenia and Famagusta:

I was so attracted to the history of this place that I spend one whole day in visiting museums here. I found treasury knowledge about the history of the kingly life, myths related to the ancient habitants of the island etc.

Famagusta Cyprus or Kyrenia Cyprus Places:

Famagusta tourist places such as The Sea Gate, The Royal Tombs, The Othello Tower, Nestorian Church, Lala Mustafa Pasa Mosque, The Kertiki Bath, Venetian Palace, Barnabas icon, Greek St.

George Church etc.

When you are in Kyrenia visit Kyrenia harbor, St. Hilarion Castle, Bellapais Monastery Village, Karmi Necropolis etc. Visit the best of the museums here like: The Folks Arts Museum, Icon Museum, Shipwreck Museum etc.

There are beautiful beaches in Famagusta and Kyrenia too so you just do not have to be worried over anything. You can spend lovely beach holidays on one of the lovely beaches here (Kyrenia beaches like Acapulco Beach, Alagadi Beach, Sunset Beach etc. Beaches in Famagusta like: Glapsides Public Beach, Nangomi Beach, Silver Beach etc).

What you can see in Nicosia are these tourist places: Bedestan, Nicosia City Walls, Vanicami Mosque, The Great Inn etc. There is one very famous museum here in Nicosia that you should visit and that is Lapidary Museum.

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