Jet Airways is one of the largest Airline companies in India, operating 400 flights daily, covering as many as 76 destinations globally, having started its business as an Air Taxi operator as early as 1992 and it commenced its commercial operations on 5th May 1993 with a leased fleet of four Boeing 737-300 aircrafts.

Whilst Jet Airways has its primary hub at Mumbai’s Chhattrapati Shivaji International Airport, it operates its flights from the secondary hubs at Brussels, Chennai, Delhi and Kolkata and its focus city hubs at Ahmedabad, Bengaluru,  Cochin, Dabolim, Hyderabad and Thiruvananthapuram.

Jet Airways has its subsidiaries JetLite and Jet Connect, and besides these two Jet Airways has code share agreements with as many as 12 International Airline Companies.

Jet Airways runs a very attractive frequent flyer program called Jet Privilege, which offers redeemable JP Miles not only for every purchase tickets in Jet Airways flights or that of its subsidiaries, JP Miles are obtainable for purchase of  flight tickets of its associates through code share agreement and even on transactions with their business partners who are not airline companies.

Inflight hospitality in Jet Airways Flights is splendid with different types of cuisine and offers special assistance to passengers with disabilities.

Virgin Atlantic Airways is a British airline company owned by Virgin Group and Singapore Airlines jointly which commenced its operations in 1984, with its operating bases at Gatwick Airport and London Heathrow Airport.

Virgin Atlantic flies from United Kingdom to 35 destinations in North America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, with a fleet strength of 30 and its Frequent Flyer program is called Flying Club.

Virgin Atlantic has entered into Code Share agreements with 14 International airline companies, adopting an impressive livery, its company slogan has been changed quite a few times, now holding one as ‘Your Airline’s Either Got It, Or It Hasn’t’.

Virgin Atlantic’s cabin classification is three, like many other airline companies, and they are named Economy, Premium Economy and Upper Class, while Economy class service free meal in its inflight catering, Premium Economy having exclusive entrance privileges and Upper class cabins are wide accommodating full bed seating and all the classes have personal seat back televisions for the inflight entertainment.

Virgin Atlantic is considered having open rivalry with British Airways, both having some common routes shared, once its company slogan itself indicating its competition with BA, while there were many controversies, allegations and financial difficulties affecting the smooth going operations of this airline company.

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