wpid-hajj.jpgMuslims who intend to go on the pilgrimage to Mecca this year have been offered a novelty package by AbusuabaTravel and Tours Agency (ATTA), of $5,500 aimed at relieving prospective pilgrims of the hustle that usually characterize the holy journey.

The package, which was launched in Accra last week by the ATTA in collaboration with the National Hajj Committee (NHC), will include feeding, a tour guide, orientation before going on the pilgrimage and an air-conditioned bus for all tours in Mecca.

Pilgrims will also stay close to the Haram (Kaaba) to be able to meet their prayer needs on time.

Aside this package, the ATTA also has a package that takes care of the normal US$3450 fare paying prospective pilgrims as approved by the National Hajj Committee for pilgrims who can?t afford the VIP package.

Every Muslim, as part of the five pillars of Islam is required to go on a pilgrimage to Hajj at least, once in his or her lifetime to thank Allah for His mercies and also pray for guidance and protection.

However, every year, many Muslims are confronted with the challenges of travelling outside the country, as they complain of lack of suitable accommodation, medical care, transportation, delayed flights, feeding and lost luggage, among others.

These challenges have, over the years, shattered the hopes and confidence of many a potential pilgrims, making it difficult for them to totally entrust their safety in the hands of their travel agents.

The Communications Director of the ATTA,?Imam Abass Umar Abdul Kareem, said one of the motives of the agency was to help sanitize the Hajj process in the country and restore hope in prospective pilgrims.

He said the package, which cost $5,500, would also provide additional attention to all its clients, especially the aged, throughout their 30-day stay in Mecca.

Imam Abass Umar Abdul Kareem said the ATTA will also offer the normal fare paying pilgrims the desired treatment in line with what the National Hajj Committee has announced.


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