Vincent’s tale of victory in Gabon during the 17th Edition of the International Golf Open Tournament barely a fortnight ago echoes a massive posture in his golf endeavors. Major titles bring major challenges. He topped it up with a remarkable win at the Captain’s Prize event staged at Tema Country Golf Club barely a week ago.

A competition reputed to attract very great talents, the Gabon event saw Vincent roared out such an authority leading the tournament from day one to finish. In a highly contended four rounds tournament, he shot 72-70-73-75 to complete the total rounds.

In contention for the big prize among others were Gift Willy (Nigeria), Desire Edela (Comeroun), Brice Moukani (Gabon) and Beranger Cyrille (Gabon). Such a strong field saw Vincent walked away with a redeeming win.

“I walked off the course at Gabon and the feeling was unique; kind of walking on clouds. Eventually, I was sad the rounds were over, but looking back I am happy it happened.” He said.

Coming off the Gabon victory and immediately clinching to the Pros award of the Captain’s Prize has triggered a wave of excitement for Vincent and other golf enthusiasts. “I feel very happy because of the condition we played.” He recounts that, “we played a very tough course coupled with a windy weather.” He took home a cash prize of GH500.00

Despite the threatening weather, Vincent sealed off a grand competition with an amazing 8-under par and recorded one eagle, 7 birdies, 9 pars and one bogey in a one round event. He describes the shots on hole 10 as his favorite on the day. “After missing my tee shot, I had about 250 yards to the green under trees.” Explaining the dynamics of that hole, he continued that, “getting the ball back to the fairway and making a par was such a great relief.”

Keeping priorities of his profession in proper place remains a huge concern to Vincent beyond his wins. He is a highly exposed golfer; he had a fairly good impression on medley of courses; tough, lush, and top-notch courses across the globe. With the able support of his manager, Kojo Choi, who has engineered his successful participation in several events that included the British Open, Vincent will sure carry such pivotal status to ultimate domination.

Torgah is the kind of grinder who minimizes mistakes and does well on courses where par is a good score. “Whenever, I play a difficult course, I try my best to stay out of trouble, keep the ball on fairway and then hit the greens.” He noted

With solid signs of hope, discipline and desire for more golf feats, these traits have contributed immensely to his solid stature in the game. There is no one route to golf glory; Vincent is determined to work incredibly hard to achieve the biggest glory in the game.

In the ensuing weeks, Vincent Torgah will be going back to familiar places. He is in the Cameroun Open where he is expected to return home a hero. He will also feature in the Gabon, Libreville Open and finally the Dubai Classic where he would play great and work his way to the top of world golf.

Golf has a solid future in Ghana; to make this assertion truly achievable, Vincent believes authorities of the game should device means to make the pro level highly attractive.


Story by Collins Oppong



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