Ghanaian actor, Vincent McCauley
Ghanaian actor, Vincent McCauley

Ghanaian actor, Vincent McCauley has revealed that he was very ‘heartbroken’ when hit TV series ‘Things We do for Love ended abruptly over a decade ago.’

Vincent, popularly known as ‘Max’ for his role in the TV series told host of the ‘Tonight Show,’ Andrew Tandoh Adote that, he loved every minute being on the show and was disappointed when the show ended abruptly
“It broke my heart seriously because I so enjoyed being on that show, it was amazing, I loved every minute of it,”
Vincent also attempted to explain why some very good local TV series end prematurely.

He argued, “Why we don’t seem to have that level of longevity, I don’t know. Very few are able to have that and I think it has to do with the inability to sustain the show whether it is financing, whether it is sponsorship, I think all of those aspects come into play.”

The actor also revealed that he has been under enormous pressure to get married but insisted that ,“it will happen when it has to happen.”
“From my friends, mothers, at church too the same thing [pressure], whenever they do that I just tell them, ‘you know something it will happen when is supposed to happen and when it does it will,’” he argued.


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