Blank Creation Entertainment, an independent music house presents to you Nigeria and Africa?s new face for AFRO-FUSION, Oliseh John Odili, better known as VILLY ? an artiste who gels and fuses Afrobeat, Soul, Highlife and other genres together in a concept where music goes beyond one sound.  VILLY and his band (the Xtreme Volumes) are constantly experimenting with AFRO sound, blending it with genres they find relevant to each song or moment or phase ? fluidly taking on various forms  as they come into contact with various sounds and various life experiences.  
Now, after four (4) years of mixing and experimenting, we present to you VILLY?S 1st compilation EP, which he has titled ?Let?s Play?. It is a title that gives you a foretaste of the eclectic mix of sounds you are about to hear from this fascinating musician ? a variety of genres mixed with AFRO.

Oliseh John Odili, born on 6th February, 1985 is a Nigerian Afro-fusion/Soul singer and songwriter. In music and friendly circles, he goes by the name VILLY.
Biography VILLY is the son of a Delta state father and Anambra state mother. He was born and raised in Lagos state, in the western region of Nigeria and went to Iambo foundation primary school, then attended Hopebay College, after which he pursued a career in singing, furthered his education in University of Benin where he studied Sociology and anthropology.   
Music Career According to his parents, VILLY has always transformed anything that could make sound into a musical instrument. It was in 1999 that VILLY started his career professionally as a young musician in Lagos, moving from one production house to another, working with different artistes for the pure love of expressing his talent and also touching lives with his vocals. He later formed a group called ?REQUEST? with a close friend named Dramin, and subsequently, their first demo was produced by dance-hall sensation Marvelous Benji. The duo were admitted into the same university, and for personal reasons they merged with a prominent multi-talented musical group on campus called ?Supreme Cartel? to become a 10-man hip-hop group. Here, they achieved several exploits and gained deep exposure achieved. It was here also that VILLY reaffirmed his musical prowess. He thereafter auditioned and emerged as a contender in Star Quest 2007 where he gained major public attention. His musical ability kicked into full gear, and he quickly became the in-house band leader of the group ?Shyne?, where he displayed the most sensational voice in the house.
VILLY and his band (The XTREME VOLUMES) are regular performers at Felabration musical festival, and have also performed at the 2012 World Music Day concert organized by Alliance Fran?aise, Goethe institute and the British council. In November 2012, they embarked on a 2-week promotional tour in Ghana, playing at The Republic Bar, Sweetie?s, +233 Jazz, and Taverna Tropicana. (See album at )This August 2013, he plans to release his debut EP ?Let?s Play? which showcases the blend of music he is going to contribute to the world?s music mixes ? in the AFRO-FUSION genre.  VILLY just wants to achieve one thing with his music and message ? Consciousness and Love.
Music Style VILLY expresses himself in any form available but always with a strong AFRO influence, hence the genre tag AFRO-FUSION. Over the years he has been able to explore every sound know to him, making sure that in every music made by him, the listener gets closer to Africa and understands the continent better. Most of his source of inspiration comes from his day to day experiences, and he is also inspired by the likes of Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Femi Kuti and Majek Fashek. With steady focus and strong resolve to put Nigerian and Africa music on the world map. His lyrics reflect much of his history and life in Nigeria. His songs stress the issues of Change, Poverty, war, Corruption and Love. VILLY is a normal man grappling with the issues happening every day in Nigeria, Africa and the world, but with a strong resolve to make a change ? with Music as his weapon.


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