By Odimegwu Onwumere



This is to let you know. Many journalists have been killed across the world, but those anti-truths can never kill journalism. While there may be a declaration of Internet Freedom, some persons or groups are using it wrongly. They use it to maim and malign those they feel are threatening the source of their income and ugly trade with journalistic revelations. These people are not using the internet for good. Even so, they want to kill me because am a media personnel. They hate me because of my openness and innovation to our nation building that transcends partisan politics. I know you will be truly shocked when you read the stories. This will have you speechless. Friends are advising me to be careful and have eyes in the back of my head as some people are really on a mission to discredit me. But majority who believe in me are not, and will not be ashamed if they read those mischievous stories from mischief makers against me, because as a literary activist, such things do not distract me.




The URLs below are the malicious stories. They are the only supposedly thing Governor Theodore Orji-boys are earning Abia State people’s money to do against the critics of his government. And I am one of the critics. They have done everything to cow me, but the truth cannot be cowed. I am sending this across for the world people to make their judgment. In a space of just one to two weeks, they have written over and over garbage against me. If it was possible for them, they would have had my life picked-off. They have written stories that can never be bought even in a fictitious world against me. I want the media, human rights orgainisations, international community and sundry to take note the level these boys can go in making sure that Freedom of Press is caged. Are they insane?




Series of disinformation mischievously targeted at critics of the Gov. T.A Orji-led Government of Abia State had been distributed to the media. Nevertheless, the stories didn?t just find their ways to the media. Investigations assert that one Nnaji Obed Asiegbu is the brain behind the dishonorable act. Asiegbu, an intellectual tyro, is engulfed with the high jinks of the government. They said that he is the Adviser to the governor on e-governance. Whatever that means!




Revelations are that this horizontally and vertically morally depraved aide cook-up stories that never existed on the individuals of his target and circulate, especially on the internet. He was also accused of hacking into people?s e-mails and websites. They said that he uses blogs such as thejurist, nairaland, email forums, and many others to (attempt) tarnishing innocent critics. It was also said that he uses different names to sell his hard to buy wickedness against critics to the public. And he does this anytime there is an admonishing-article about his paymaster. Who is even sure it was not from him that the story of the czar being a drunk came from? With many things in reports about Asiegbu, no sensible person would be surprise that he can do anything to make money from Orji.




Not too long ago, I stumbled on one of the morally depraved articles. It was on me, not about me. He sold his conscience, with my picture published, saying that I was an ex-convict of libelous stories. Perhaps, he towed that nincompoop?s gesture from the known-perfect-actor of lies ? the Chief Press (Liar) Secretary to the governor called ? Ugochukwu Emezue. Inter alia, the recent article I came across has it that I was caught in the street of Port Harcourt for extortion. Here are some of the Orji-boys useless and brainless stories against me because I have been writing the truths about the ills of Gov. Orji-led government of Abia State. Please, read their scurrilous published storiess against in the following URLs:







I will not be amazed if by tomorrow I read another of his or that of his like?s consecrated lies against me from any quarter. They are bent on manufacturing insincere stories that would even make poor-sale for a fiction. But is cooking-up stories that do not exist against people and critics who are opposed to the policies of Orji-led government of Abia State the best? This is intellectual barrenness and laziness. It is my belief that some comments that I have read on his satanic posts, concerning his devilish articles on me, benevolent people are invoking Amadioha against him and his accomplices. Did I hear you say that it will not come to pass?



If there is any critic that has been writing against Orji with the measure of this hooey ?e-governance aide?, I won?t know. I have only been writing that Gov. Orji should change his ways and express concern to the melting tears and infiltrated hearts of Abia people, over the immeasurable mis-governance in that state the residents are enduring with bitterness. Only in August, many residents expressed their concern over the filthy condition of Abia State. But instead Orji would pay attention to their distress, he is rather fighting anyone who has a contrary opinion to his, through his arsenal of aides, as a wounded ?lion? he is.



Like we very much know that the city of Aba, for example, is unhygienic, its possible health hazard Orji and his boys were supposed to look for solution to revolutionize thus, is their continuous pollution of the already bewildered people, with dismal media pollution. This is unhygienic of an already unhealthy government. What we expected from the government in Abia State to do, was to scold and caution itself first, for all to get it right in the state, but it never did. Instead, it is pumping more money into the media to cover-up its embarrassing nakedness. His media guys are proud as ?Abia State Government Protection Agency (ASGPA)?, without knowing that their actions are capable of degenerating catastrophes. Orji and his boys have refused to be alive to their constitutional responsibilities. And this is worsening the already dampened condition, just as the rains had worsened the situation of environmental degradation in Abia State, aided by the ill-government we can see.



Come to think of it, is there anything to show in a place like Aba, for the numerous capricious levies imposed on residents by the government? Their willingness in paying the levies is to see and enjoy a healthy environment. But their hope only turned out to be a mirage. It is a pity! Mounds of refuse packed everywhere in the state. Yet, the information that the government was warming up to task the residents to remove dirt hollowed out from the drains cannot be overemphasized. The residents of Aba in particular are not finding it easy. Yet, threats that they would go to prison if they do not pay ASEPA fees is everyday. They are however hardened and chose to go to jail going by the leftist?s ways things are going in the Orji-led government of Abia State.



Orji?s aides will not tell him what the people?s complaints are in the media. Rather, they would be going about sending wrong information to their master and to the public of any observer or critic who chose to tell the world the plain truth about that state. The aides will not tell Orji that drains and roads in a place like Aba are now haven for dirt and that there is hardly good pliable road in the town. They will not tell Orji that the people are frowning concerning the news reports that the state government recently directed the council chairmen and agencies mandated with the revenue generation to correspond with the taxes levied residents of the city. Residents are urged to comply.



It is Orji and his boys? continuous effort to pollute the media with their eye-service governance that makes Orji to berate council chairmen. For example, Aba North and Aba South local governments have been berated, whereas Orji as the head of the government in Abia State is yet to brace-up and clean-up his inability in governance. Orji has succeeded in making Abia State to look funny in the eyes of the people, because of his quest in focusing on microscopic things; hence his media aides would bloat and amplify them. This has been their postulations.



But whether they like it or not the state?s environment is embarrassing from any angle you are standing in Abia State. The people are now learning practically the meaning of deplorable. The deplorable condition of the state continues to be worse with the government forcing people to believe and accept their bunkum that successive governments in the state did not help matters in the development of the state. But this is a wrong address. ?Successive governments? are gone. This is a present government, and we must hold it to account. No excuse. And if we must believe what Orji and his media boys are selling to us to buy that it is palpable that the problem of the state is not a thing of today, which of the problems has the government of today addressed? Does Orji know that a good leader does not use such comment as ?accumulated challenges?? But this is often used by the government in Abia State without a blink. It likes polluting the air!



We must continue to blame Orji for the immeasurable woes in Abia State. We must blame him for not solving the things he was elected to solve. We must continue to blame him for the environmental degradation in Abia State, because we elected him to solve them. We must continue to blame him for refusing to sit-up and help the humanity in Abia State. But observers know that even if Orji may decide to sit-up today, aides like Nnaji Obed Asiegbu will create new problems to distract him, not minding the existing ones, because of money. Notwithstanding, it has been revealed that Orji?s media aides are ashamed of the damaged image of the government they are serving, therefore they resort to hide under pseudo names laced with professional titles such as lawyer, engineer, medical practitioner, amongst others for their write-ups, so that nobody would hold accountable in the society when the sunk government is gone, but they were oblivious that they are bringing disgrace to the professionals of these titles therefore polluting the media.


Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Author, Media Consultant, Motivator, Founder of Poet Against Child Abuse (PACA), and Coordinator, Concerned Non-Indigenes In Rivers State (CONIRIV), Nigeria.

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