The capital of Austria, Vienna is a picturesque city. It is located on the banks of the River Danube. It is a popular tourist destination of Austria as many visitors from faraway places in the world come here to visit this city. There are many international airlines to take visitors to this wonderful city.

The best season to travel to the city is during the summer as winters can be quite cold. Opportunities for sightseeing are to be found in profusion. Hofburg Palace is a prime attraction, so is the Sissi Museum. One can be enthused by an atmosphere that is rich in culture and history. Hence, they should plan their next vacation and book cheap tickets to Vienna. Though, cheap, a visitor can enjoy all the basic facilities in this remarkable city.

This is a city of art and cultural attractions. One can enjoy film, theatre, dance festivals, exhibitions, opera and concerts whenever one reaches this destination.

There are ample of exciting things to explore in this city. There are many cheap flights to Vienna. Visitors who are fond of relaxing and simply enjoying beautiful scenic sights all around can do so anywhere in the city. Every nook and corner of the city is beautiful. One can also visit famous coffee houses or traditional wine taverns in the city. These days, all leading international carriers, have cheap airline flights to the destination.

Johann Strauss, Mozart, Schubert and Beethoven, all famous musicians were from this magnificent city; thus it is a hot spot centre for music festivals. The city is also known as the ‘City of Art’. One of the world’s largest and most distinguished museums is Museum of Fine Arts.

If one has an interest in history, he or she must visit this museum with some invaluable works of art. Art is spread all around wherever a visitor goes in the city. If one is an art lover then hop on to a flight to Vienna. A visitor must try Topfen Strudel at Café Aida, which gives an insight, to the Café Culture in this magnificent city.

If one wishes to indulge in shopping, than this city’s most famous destination is the Mariahilfer Strasse. There are hundreds of shops which offer fashion, jewelry and accessories. Also, one can find boutiques, huge department stores, and computer and video shops. One cannot forget to mention the cinemas, restaurants, cafes and snack bars. During tourist season, that is, during the months in summer, it becomes difficult to get rooms in choicest accommodation at the nth hour. Hence, visitors are advised to book rooms well in advance and avoid any hassles later on.

There is an excellent network of roads, and one can always hire a car to see and explore this beautiful city. However, the public transport system is particularly convenient, and the railways are also comfortable reliable and fast. There are subways, trams and clean buses to get visitors around the city.

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