It is currently being rumored that Victoria Beckham will do the fashion design of Jennifer Aniston?s wedding dress despite some previous reports claiming that the former Spice Girl-member-turned-designer originally wanted to do Angelina Jolie?s gown. Is this perhaps another wedding rivalry?

According to reports, Victoria Beckham apparently switched sides and it has been claimed that she is going to be on Jennifer Aniston?s shortlist. ?Jen?s a big fan of Posh?s fashion range and she?s one of the names being considered along with Valentino and Carolina Herrera,? a source shared. ?Jen wants a dress that?s simple and classy, which is what Victoria?s known for,? the source further revealed.

The former ?Friends? actress is reportedly scheduled to wed Justin Theroux on Valentine?s Day in 2013. On the other hand, Angelina Jolie will also marry Aniston?s ex-husband Brad Pitt but a date has not yet been set.

It is also reported that Victoria Beckham had been disappointed by Angelina Jolie?s decision to go with Versace. Insiders claim that if Beckham pulls it off and become successful in designing Aniston?s wedding gown, her fashion career will undoubtedly receive an almighty boost.

?Even by Victoria?s standards, it would be a huge coup as Jen?s wedding will be Hollywood?s biggest event in years. It would cement Victoria?s place at the very top of the fashion elite,? sources said.

Meanwhile, the 43-year old ?Horrible Bosses? actress is known to have a tight friendship with Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Aniston will most likely reveal the juicy details about her upcoming marriage on her friend?s successful show on late night TV ?Chelsea Lately.? According to Louise A. Barile in OK! USA magazine, Aniston will be Handler?s first guest when she starts filming inside her new studio in NBC?s back lot.

?Jen loves Chelsea?s usual raunchy interview style but only when uses it on other people!? an insider said.  ?She thinks Chelsea sometimes takes things way too far, especially when she gets into people?s sex lives, so Jen and Chelsea sat down to carve out questions that Jen felt uncomfortable answering. It was a big negotiation. They planned how the interview will go, and Chelsea has agreed to not get too intimate,? the insider revealed.

?Originally, Chelsea wanted to talk about how Justin didn?t like her at first. But Jen said that?s off-limits, as well as any mention of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie,? the insider continued to share.

There is no denying that Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler are close. However, the insider claimed that Jennifer Aniston was frank with her TV talk show host friend about what she will and will not say on the air.

Source : Hollywood Inside


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