Former Deputy Minister for Communications, Victoria Hammah, has reported a case of assault against her to the police, leading to rest of the alleged assailant Richard Frimpong Dardo, the Daily Guide newspaper has reported.

The sacked deputy minister was alleged to have gone to the Dansoman Police Station in Accra and reported the man?to the police after they had a disagreement.

Victoria was said to have told the police that Frimpong Dardo had beaten her up and stolen an unspecified amount of money.

The incident was reported at about 7:45am on Wednesday September 10, 2014,

Daily Guide gathered that a search at the residence of Victoria, where the incident occurred, had revealed that the suspect had ‘scattered? the room.

Narrating the incident to Daily Guide, a source stated that on the morning of Wednesday September 10, the counter NCO, one Corporal Beterh, was on duty when a car pulled over and beckoned him.

The source said the Corporal, on reaching the said car, identified Victo?ria Hamah as the occupant of the vehi?cle, whereupon she told him that there was a man in her house who was caus?ing violence.

According to the source, the com?plainant consequently asked Corporal Beterh to dispatch a policeman to her house to go and drag the man out of the place.

As a result, the source stated, two men, one Corporal Abeka and a cer?tain Sampson, who is a civilian, went to the house where the man was arrested and taken to the police station.

Statements were taken from the former deputy minister and the man; and they left the station after Salomey, the CID officer for the Dansoman Police station, had resolved the problem amicably.

Earlier, one Issaka from Spintex Road was reported to have secured bail for Frimpong Dardo.

He was made to pay GHS 38,000 as part payment for the money the sus?pect was alleged to have stolen from Victoria.

Source-Daily Guide


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