Dr Mahamudu Bawumia,
Dr Mahamudu Bawumia,

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, Vice President of Ghana, has urge football clubs in the country to adopt the digitisation system to help them improve revenue collection.

He said this would maximise profits and enable them to run their activities effectively.


The Vice President, speaking at the launch of the 2019/2020 Football Season at the Accra Sports Stadium on Friday, said that, clubs going digital would help draw fans closer to them and also curb corrupt activities with regards to sale of match tickets.

“One important thing both the Ghana Football Association (GFA) and clubs should embrace in this era, is digitization and the paperless system this government is championing. The paperless system should not only be synonymous with business or banking transaction because its benefits can be extended to football clubs as well.

“Fans of Ghanaian clubs especially the young ones who are expose to easy access to information from European clubs should not struggle to get information on their local clubs as well as buying club paraphernalia.

“So, a paperless system should be the way for our clubs because, to go paperless is to digitise and to digitise is to monetize,’’ he said,

He added that the various success stories of numerous government departments who have maximized revenue was due to the adoption of the paperless system.

He also stated government commitment to improve the sporting infrastructure which according to him was a major source of job creation and comes with numerous economic opportunities.

‘’Job creation is priority for this government, and the government would continue to encourage and support ventures which provides financial relieve and economic opportunities for the people.

‘’Sports, particularly football, is one area that provides economic opportunities for the youth both male and female. It’s for this reason that, President Akufo-Addo has decide to invest in improving sports infrastructure in the country to develop our game and create more sporting opportunities for the youth,’’ he said.

He urged the new leadership of the Ghana Football Association, to ensure that the new league competitions are not bedeviled with the past developments which includes bad officiating, bribery and corruption, inadequate security that contributed in keeping people away from the stadium.

The Vice President said “if we’re to win back the love for football from Ghanaians, then some of these negatives that have derailed the progress of the league should be curbed.

He also assured the leadership of GFA of a review of government’s 17.5 % VAT charges on club’s gate proceeds.


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