Justice Obaseki, The first ever Supreme court from Edo State, Justice Andrew Obaseki, has died at the age of 93.
The late Justice Andrew Obaseki is the uncle to the governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki.
In a statement issued by the Secretary to the Edo State Government  Osarodion Ogie, the state expressed sadness over the death of the retired Justice.
It described the late Justice as one who not only distinguished himself on the apex court bench but also lived long enough to see his family continue its record of distinguished public service.
 The statement reads: “The Edo people recall with pride and nostalgia the remarkable judicial career of Justice Obaseki which started in Benin City and culminated at the Supreme Court of Nigeria. There, he became a distinguished member of that galaxy of immortal jurists who created what is now known as the ‘Golden year of the Supreme Court of Nigeria’.
“In the course of a long and distinguished career as a jurist at the apex court, Justice Obaseki set down groundbreaking judicial precedents and notable pronouncements in such classical decision as Governor of Lagos State v.  Ojukwu; Garba v. University of Maiduguri; Obeko v. Olowo and Awolowo v. Shagari, where the principles of fair hearing, natural justice, rule of law, and the protection of the citizens from extrajudicial acts of governments were laid down and, which, till this day, form the bedrock of our jurisprudence.
 “We also celebrate the fact that Justice Obaseki lived long enough to see his family continue its record of distinguished public service by producing the current governor of our state, His Excellency, Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki.
 “Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Obaseki family and we are certain that at the appropriate time, the entirety of our polity will rise as one to celebrate the passing of a distinguished superstar whose memory will forever remain in our hearts as treasure and inspiration.”
Source: globalvillageextra