Divers preparing to go into the vessel to pump water out

JIOE Complex Ghana Limited, a company in Tema that was contracted by management of MV Madanfo, a Ghanaian fishing vessel, to salvage the vessel that sank at the Tema Port has commenced work.

Diving to ascertain the hooking point and condition of the underwater hull has been concluded.

Pumping of water has begun to remove water from the engine and other cabinets to salvage the vessel.

All points of the vessel have been sealed to prevent water from entering the vessel. Captain Samuel Appiah, Operations Manager of Jioe Complex Ghana Limited, told DAILY GUIDE at the Tema Port that the work, which started at about 2:00 pm last Thursday, was likely to be completed by Friday barring any hitches.

According to him, his outfit was currently pumping water from cabinets of the vessel and the engine in order to roll over the vessel, as well as remove materials onboard the vessel that sank when the accident occurred.

When DAILY GUIDE got to Berth Five at the Tema Port, oil from the vessel was seen on the surface of the water.

A crane was positioned to help raise the vessel for the divers to pump water from the engine and other parts of the vessel before transporting it to the Tema Shipyard and Drydock Limited for repair work to begin.

The vessel, which is owned by Ashanti Fisheries Limited, was laden with salt and tuna fish.

It was simultaneously discharging 350 tonnes of tuna fish and loading salt weighing 60 tonnes when the incident occurred.

The crew, including five Koreans and 40 Ghanaians, was led by Capt. Kim Kyung Hoon, who was contracted by Panofil Company Limited, a Ghanaian company in Tema as agent of the vessel.

Kim Kyung Hoon, captain of the vessel, was said to have noticed water on the vessel at about 2:00 pm on February, 26, 2014.

Members of the crew attempted to seal the holes but were unsuccessful as the Port State Control ? a body responsible for ensuring that vessels are sea-worthy before berthing, was informed.

The Port State Control accordingly advised the captain on safety measures to adopt to address the problems but he did not heed the advice.

The crew quickly salvaged some of their properties before fleeing.

From Vincent Kubi, Tema


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