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Vegetable sales sluggish in south China

Editor’s note: The vegetable price has fallen sharply since last November in Songming County of Kunming in southwest China’s Yunnan Province, with six major varieties of vegetables proving almost unsellable. Leaf lettuce, for example, used to command a price of two yuan per kilogram; these days it sells of less than 0.1 yuan. Sadly, and in desperation, farmers have to pull out these unsalable vegetables or let them rot in greenhouses. Currently, thousands of tons of vegetables have been dug up or smashed in the area due to unprecedentedly low prices and a sluggish market. The main reason for poor sales of vegetables this year is that the vegetable planting area has increased, with supply far exceeding demand.

A farmer cries over unwanted vegetables in a greenhouse in Songming County of Kunming, Yunnan Province, on Feb. 17, 2017. [Photo/]

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