Mr Freeman Madji, the Executive Director of Abibiman Sankofa Cultural Movement (ASCUM), a non-governmental organization, has said there is the need for farmers to form groups in order to gain control over market prices.

He said vegetable farmers whose produce perish early, have to form groups in their communities, to help solve problems facing them.

The Executive Director said the formation of the groups would go a long way towards enhancing productivity.

He was addressing a meeting of about 40 vegetable growers who are members of ASCUM at Asamankese in the Eastern Region, to discuss among other issues, how to get market for the produce of member-farmers.

The Movement has more than 250 members operating in three districts in the Eastern Region and about 70 per cent of them are women.

Mr Madji said plans were far advanced to establish a training centre for people who wish to invest in vegetable growing.



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