Yaw Obimpeh

THE ASHANTI Regional Chairman of the NDC, Yaw Obimpeh, escaped death by a whisker on Saturday evening when a gun pointed at him failed to fire after a trigger-happy bodyguard of Vice President John Mahama had pulled the trigger.

Luck smiled at Mr. Obimpeh who was in the company of about 29 heavily-built men, belonging to the NDC taskforce, whose main activity is to monitor the registration exercise in the region for the party.

The scary incident, which left onlookers spellbound, occurred at the main entrance of the official residence of the Ashanti Regional Minister, Dr. Kwaku Agyeman Mensah, at 7:40pm.

When the said soldier pointed the gun at Mr. Obimpeh, he reportedly yelled that if the man wanted to shoot him dead then he should pull the trigger.

Before he could finish his statement, the said bodyguard of the vice president indeed pulled the trigger but surprisingly the gun failed to shoot.

Vice President Mahama had visited the region on an official tour to inspect ongoing government projects and he was lodging at the presidential lounge at the RCC.

The NDC machomen who have been fingered in the disruption of the biometric registration in the region had waited all day, wanting to meet the vice president and officially lodge a complaint to him against Samuel Sarpong, KMA chief executive, and the Regional Minister, Dr. Kwaku Agyeman Mensah, who they accused of sabotaging the NDC.

Mr. Obimpeh, who knows the vital works of the machomen in the name of NDC taskforce, upon appearing at the scene, decided to intervene so that the Vice President could grant them audience, a security man at RCC disclosed on anonymity.

After exhausting all avenues, the NDC chairman told the machomen that it was not possible for them to meet Mr Mahama so they should move their motors and head home in peace.

A member of the NDC taskforce told DAILY GUIDE on anonymity that immediately they started the engines of their motorbikes, the veep’s security man appeared at the scene, yelling at them to stop making noise with their motorbikes.

According to him, the soldier, who was holding a gun, then walked closer to them, still yelling at them so they responded that he could not treat them like rubbish after their services for the party.

That statement obviously infuriated the vice president’s bodyguard who then pulled his gun, pointed it at Mr. Obimpeh, who was then standing in front of them, threatening to shoot if they refused to leave the place.

According to the source, they yelled at the bodyguard that if he dared shoot at Mr. Obimpeh, he should be prepared to shoot all of them, numbering about 29, as well.

He said the bodyguard ignored their threat and indeed pulled the trigger with the gun aimed at Mr. Obimpeh.

The incident created some confusion at the place but peace was restored and the taskforce members were later on allowed to enter the RCC and met with the veep.

The said security operative reportedly showed signs of remorse after he was told that the person he tried shooting was the party’s regional chairman.

During the meeting with the vice president, the NDC taskforce reportedly told Mr. Mahama that they could not work with the regional minister and the KMA boss so they should be kicked out of office.

They lamented that the two gentlemen had not contributed anything to the party ever since the registration exercise began, adding that they were sabotaging the NDC in the region.

The machomen complained that both Sarpong and Agyeman-Mensah were nowhere to be found when two of the party’s agents were arrested at Kronom in Kumasi recently.

The agitated NDC members particularly accused Mr. Sarpong of being in bed with the NPP, warning that his presence in office, especially with the national polls in sight, was dangerous for the NDC.

The Vice President assured them that he would forward their complaints to the president for a swift action to be taken.

He praised them for their important contributions to the forward match of the party in the region, promising to personally ensure that their needs were attended to so that they could work effectively for the party.

The vice president reportedly gave an undisclosed amount of money to the agitated NDC members.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi

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