Students of the Lagos State University have expressed their dissatisfaction with the standards of the school?s Language Laboratory and Information Communication Technology facilities.
The students, who spoke to our correspondent on Monday, described the state of some infrastructures in the institution as ?worrisome?.
They wondered why the management restructured and repainted the buildings without providing adequate facilities in them.
When our correspondent visited the Laboratory, it was well designed but lacked facilities.
It was also gathered that the University is embarking on some infrastructural development such as a seven-storey Senate Building; Four New Central Library; New Faculty of Science Complex; Twin Lecture Theatre in the Faculty of Law; School of Transport Building; Refurbished three-in-one Faculty of Education Lecture Hall.
Other construction works in the school are Teslim Elias Law Library building (already in use); Students? Union Arcade Building; LASU Radio building site; New Faculty of Management Sciences site and on-going construction of the drainage system.
One of them, identified simply as Teriola, in the Faculty of Arts, told our correspondent that the Laboratory was in worst shape before it was repainted and ?abandoned?.
She said: ?Before, the laboratory was in a more terrible state that no one could identify with it. But all of a sudden, the management started the reconstruction but only beautified the external part of it without equipping it.
?It is not suitable for us to pay such high amount and we should still be lacking basic facilities. For a while now, the internet is not working properly. Sometimes, it will work and by 4pm it will stop responding. There is a lot to say about LASU, but it is hopeful that the management will work on them.?
Also speaking, faculty of Social Sciences student, Ayomide, said: ?Concerning the LL, it is worrisome that it was only repainted to enable accreditation. Most of the buildings have been repainted but I am not sure the facilities in them are functioning properly.?
Another student, Olayemi in the Faculty of Science, lamented that the internet facilities in the school had affected them from practising what they are taught.
?You won?t imagine that after classes, I have to look for money to visit the cybercaf? to use their internet. Before, I learnt it was not so. Even our lecturers are complaining that their offices had internet problems. I urge the management to look into this and find a lasting solution,? he added.
However, another student, who claimed to be attending an external campus, identified simply as Gbade, commended the management for quick release of results.
He said, ?The only area I think there is improvement is the external campus. Maybe that is because I am not attending lecturers here. The only problem we are having now is that we don?t know when to resume. But our results are coming out very fast now.?
Meanwhile, the Vice-Chancellor of LASU, Prof. John Obafunwa, Deans, Directors and other top management personnel of the university in a press conference on Monday, explained that their administration has achieved in setting high standards in qualitative education.
According to the VC, most of the challenges confronting the institution are been addressed to add value to the image and dignity of the university.
Obafunwa explained that his administration ?inherited? most of the problems and are combating them with ?logical? solutions gradually.
He said, ?We inherited liabilities not asset. When this administration came in, about 17 courses were disaccredited and we had no reliable database for our external campuses. One of the biggest tasks of this administration when we assumed office was to ensure that all the courses formerly de-accredited by the National Universities Commission were accredited.
?Sixteen programmes were accredited in March this year out of 17 initially disaccredited. Apart from these, 18 programmes some of which were on interim status before were recently presented for re-accreditation. In expanding the academic horizon of LASU, the university will soon commence new academic programmes at degree levels in Aeronautic Engineering, civil engineering, agricultural sciences, film and cultural studies.?
He debunked that restricting plan by the Governing Council of the university would not amount to job loss, adding that a massive downpour resulted to the poor internet facility on the campus.
Obafunwa said: ?Recently, there was a massive downpour with attendant lightning which damaged the facility in LASU. The management is working on packaging a more robust internet facility backed with proper earthing which will ensure that Network operating centre and each building would be powered off the grid by solar inverters.
?On road networks, some of the roads within the campus have been under pressure recently because of the massive infrastructural projects going on the university, whereby heavy duty trucks ply the roads on daily basis. But, periodically, palliative measures are provided to stabilise the roads in order to ensure smooth drive. It is a fact that the terrain of the location of our university in Ojo is water logged but the university has not recorded any flooding this year because of several efforts.?


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