A lot of music videos do not get aired on TV stations because it violates the policies of the station. Music videos with adult content, abusive words despite its quality and concept are banned from being shown on TV.

Ghanaian musician, Derrick Frimpong Manso, known in showbiz as Phrimpong, has told us that UTV has told him that his latest music video for the song ?Religion? cannot be aired on the channel.

The sorrowful musician said GH One and Fiesta TV accepted to play the music video but the Despite-owned TV station in Accra said the content of the song is not good for their channel.

?The TV station said the video talks against pastors so authorities will question them if they air it on the station.?

Phrimpong continued that a lady known as Diana said Despite will call to question them when the video is aired on the TV station. Phrimpong who does not look happy with Diana?s reason said the video talks about just fake pastors and has no vulgar words.

?In the video, I was not insulting all pastors and I didn?t even insult any pastor but I just said fake pastors. I don?t know why people are trying to hold me back just like that because we hear this thing everyday.?

According to Phrimpong, he was at the UTV premises on Friday to see one Daniel to again talk about airing the music video but he met the same Diana who told him that Daniel will still come back to him so he should not worry himself.

When we contacted Diana, she denied ever telling Phrimpong that Despite will call to question them when the video is aired on the TV station.

She confirmed that she saw Phrimpong at UTV on Friday and added that ?I told him the video will still go to the authorities I talked to even when you see Daniel so just take what I told you?.

When asked the exact reason she gave Phrimpong, Diana told us to ask the musician her precise words. She then promised to call back later.

Few minutes after her promise, Diana called to say ?I don?t have anything to say about this story so you can go ahead and do the story if you want to do it?



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