By: Mussen|2012-03-16|Product Reviews

Buck knives is actually the name of a US-based enterprise manufacturing top quality survival products. it is family-owned and is also among the most highly regarded and reliable brands around.

By: Michael Goudelock|2011-07-20|Shopping

Knives had been one of the most important tools that man had been using since time immemorial. From simple cutting to complex constructions, knives are of great use. From the simple design of the early knives, modern technology paved the way for developments and specialization of this simple tool.

By: Darren Pace|2011-05-04|Travel & Leisure

Hunting, fishing, camping, and other types of activities such as chores in the kitchen require certain types of equipment in order to keep them safe and easier to accomplish. One piece of equipment that cannot be done without are tactical fixed blade knives.

By: Gerald Shaw|2010-04-03|Hunting

As long as it has a blade, it is a knife to you. That may be what you think of them but to other people, they are not just knives. There are various types and they use them for various uses.

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