Terason(BUSINESS WIRE)?Teratech Corporation?today announced the launch of the new uSmart 3200T Ultrasound System, the first in Terason?s uSmart family of proprietary products. This revolutionary new tablet, deemed ?disruptive technology? by industry leaders, will change the way healthcare is delivered in both hospital and outpatient sectors of point-of-care ultrasound.

The new light-weight, power-packed uSmart 3200T Ultrasound System is a fusion of cutting-edge technology with an intuitive interface that defines simplicity. The newest member of the Terason family weighs less than 5 lbs., provides razor-sharp image quality, and is fully equipped with all the features and functionality users have come to expect from Terason products. Developed by clinicians for clinicians, the uSmart 3200T provides the best tools for busy practices, including a 128GB Solid State hard drive, Smart Gestures, an Adaptive Touch Screen,uConnect remote capabilities, and a fast boot-up time.

Jeff Sirek, General Manager of Global Operations for Terason, states ?The uSmart 3200T is truly a unique and revolutionary product in the world of portable ultrasound. In our fast-paced technology environment, healthcare providers require products that can keep up with the ever-changing demands of their hospital or practice. We have developed the first tablet-based system where?high technology meets superior performance.?

As an industry pioneer, Terason developed and was the first to patent color?portable ultrasound. Since then with over 50 patents protecting the technology, our crystal clear image quality, open architecture, and customer dedication has earned us a reputation for excellence. This reputation is what motivates Terason every day to strive to exceed expectations and industry standards, providing our customers with the latest advancements in portable ultrasound. ?I am confident that every facility conducting ultrasound exams will benefit from this technology. The uSmart 3200T represents Terason?s continued commitment to expanding its product portfolio in order to meet the diagnostic needs of our worldwide customer base,? added Sirek.


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