Start up issues are annoying but imminent nevertheless. This is the most frustrating situation that a user may encounter. Often this issue crops up without any warning signs. This may happen all of a sudden and like most users you tend to panic. Such issues are difficult to handle but one can use the Start up repair feature in Windows 7 for this. There are various reasons why you are facing startup related issues. These might be a corrupt OS, software compatibility or even system crash. Whatever the reason might be, Windows7 is capable of automatically running the startup repair feature.

What is a startup repair feature?

A startup repair feature is a software program that is inbuilt in Windows7. Whenever your system encounters any issue while starting up, this tool is automatically activated as a measure for booting the system.

This feature is capable of scanning your system for any errors and fixes them. The user only needs to follow a few steps and the system is up and running.

How to use the startup feature in Windows7?

It is relatively easy to use this feature for booting the system. Remember if your system does not automatically load startup repair tool then you will need to restart your system. You would require the installation disk to enable the startup repair tool. Now perform the following steps:

1. First you need to remove all the external devices attached to your system except the keyboard and mouse. Then restart your system with the help of the power button.


Now as soon as the system starts running, you need to continuously press F8 function key on the keyboard and this will lead you to the Advanced Boot Options. Then you will reach the System Recovery Options.

3. Press to select the Startup Repair.

This will initiate the process of repair and fix the errors automatically. After the process is complete you can boot the system normally. If still you face trouble while starting up then you may need to reinstall your OS.

If you are frequently having system related errors, OS failing to install or issues with system restoration, then it is time that you contact a premium computer support provider offering online tech support. Their technicians have the required expertise and they will help diagnose the root cause of system errors and help in troubleshooting the issues that your system is facing.

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