A business card is a calling card for a working professional. Unfortunately, too many prospects and customers misplace or throw away business cards. If they do not remember the company name, they will not reach out, creating a missed opportunity. Businesspeople can prevent this from happening by using a different type of calling card. Custom USB drives imprinted with the company logo, representative name, and contact information are popular alternatives for businesses catering to a computer-savvy audience.

Any business that provides computer-related services should already be supplying these drives to customers.

Before placing a new order, add full contact information to the imprint. Provide a direct telephone number and email address for a service representative. Including the company website makes it easy for prospective customers to find information about the business and its services. Distributing these drives at trade shows, open houses, and educational seminars expands the advertising reach.

Salespeople go to great efforts to keep their name in the minds of prospects and customers. Often, it is the most creative advertising, not the most expensive, that makes the largest impression. For a fraction of the cost of print advertising, salespeople can purchase flash drives in bulk which are imprinted with their name and contact information.

Distributing these compact devices as their business cards ensures that customers do not throw away the important information.

Value of this device as a sales tool is increased by preloading it with a sales presentation. To learn more about the business, recipients simply connect the device to a computer and open the presentation folder. Salespeople can add slides, informational videos, audio files, and text for prospects to view at their convenience. With this information in one place, even the least computer savvy individuals will have no problem accessing the information they need to make a purchasing decision. This folder is also the perfect place to store video testimonials from previous customers, solidifying the validity of the business.

The best way to be noticed is to be unique and offering unusual styles of custom USB drives achieves that purpose. Salespeople should choose uniquely shaped drives and those available in colors that match the company logo. Swivel style drives eliminate the need for a separate cap, which can easily get lost in the shuffle. These are made from plastic or metal, providing something at every price point.

In general, the larger the drive capacity, the more expensive the device. However, when ordering in bulk, prices are much lower than for small orders. This makes a large-capacity drive affordable, allowing the salesperson to upload a complete presentation without taking up too much room on the drive. Recipients will still be able to save all their important computer files.

With all the money they spend on paper business cards that are lost or thrown away, businesspeople are throwing cash out the window. Their promotional dollars would be much better spent on custom USB drives  purchased in bulk. These can be imprinted with contact information and preloaded with a sales presentation designed to knock the socks off any prospect.

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