The never ending advances in technology have meant that modern day telephones have more computing ability than the PCs of the 90s. Microchips are getting smarter and smaller, the technology for the screen is continually improving and there are a host of independent software specialists launching new applications (apps) for the phones.

In addition new models of phone instruments are continually being launched, each model being an upgrade of the last. This obviously presents the techno-geeks with major problems in keeping up with developments.

The suggested solution is always to make a list of the features and apps that are available when one goes shopping for a new instrument and then make sure that the model selected has those features. For example if one is a car driver one will want at the very least a Blue Tooth capability (which means getting a Bluetooth capable device fitted to your car.

Another option is to have a PA system on the phone so that one can have a discussion without taking one’s hands off the wheel.

When shopping for a new “smartphone” one will find many deals available on the high street all of which will probably tie one into a time locked deal into one or other mobile network operator. Each of these deals seem attractive but tend to be confusing with the variety of offers of free minutes to the same network, different rates to other networks, Texts, Multi Media messages, Internet connections, 3G and so on. Which one is best or more suitable for you is a decision you have to make by judging the offers and balancing these with what you actually use or are likely to use. For example if you use MMS or need to send emails every few minutes will of course affect your choice.

At this Electronics Wholesaler you are not forced to choose a network provider and sign into a 2 year contract when selecting a smart phone. They sell a large range of phones from all manufacturers which are unlocked and therefore gives the buyer the ability to choose any network desired and in fact to change should a better or more suitable offer emerge form an alternative network provider.

In addition the instruments on sale include all the major manufacturers. Apple products include the Iphones, Ipads and Ipods all at competitive prices. Blackberry products include the Curve, Torch, Bold and the Playbook. There are HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson phones.

The electronics wholesaler does not restrict itself to telephone instruments but has a large range of laptop computers on sale as well. They have a range of Acer, Asus, Dell and Hewlett Packard laptops at special prices.

Choosing a laptop computer is similar to choosing a phone. Decide what you want in terms of features, processing power, memory and hard drive capacity, never forgetting graphics cards, size and quality of display and the weight and battery life.

Once those decisions are made then you can decide on the computer. There are choices available at competitive prices. Check out this electronics wholesaler before making any decision.

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