In a laboratory there are several equipments that are used in performing various experiments. The use of these equipments varies according to their applications. For instance in a medical laboratory, there are equipments such as deep freezers, blood bank refrigerators, freeze dryer, ice flaker machine and many more. The above mentioned constitutes medical refrigeration.  Medical refrigeration is needed for every kind of laboratory.

It is very important to ensure that the medical refrigeration facilities that are used in hospitals or laboratories are extremely effective. If we discuss about blood refrigeration banks, they are equipments that are used to store and preserve blood for various blood groups, in order to provide it to the patient when there is an emergency.  These equipments are extremely different as they have a distinctive type of temperature range that exists from 2 degree Celsius to four degree Celsius.

These equipments consist of micro- processor based temperature controller cum indicator inside them which controls the temperature

Though these equipments are used in preserving and storing blood, but there are ways and means to extend the time period in which blood can be stored. This can be done by adding glycerol before freezing, but this method of adding glycerol is expensive as well as it also needs extremely cold freezer for a safe storage. It is extremely significant to have a proper storage of blood, as ordinary refrigerator won’t be able to perform the task of storing blood, so indeed we need Blood Refrigerator Banks.  Apart from these, there are plasma freezers for blood products that come in wide variety and in different sizes.

 Blood bank refrigerators have a digital temperature indication, corrosion free exterior and interior; they even have PUF insulation, are extremely light in weight and are designed for a long storage of blood. These equipments are highly durable, reliable and do not even require high maintenance. These equipments are even provided with door operated illumination system which comprises of fluorescent lights. These equipments have the facility to program recording interval to suit individual requirements. Apart from these features, they offer alternatives to adjust or select rate for any serial communication board, as well it has user friendly custom software which examines the data and helps the user to produce reports and graphs. Besides these, they are double walled cooled units, in which the outer body is made of aluminum sheets and inner chamber is made of stainless steel.

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