A vacation to the peaceful place after a stressful week of hectic work in the office is something that most of us like to do. A place to relax with family and friends is always fun and a stress reliever. A good place for to forget your office is Yercaud, a perfect place for rest.

Yercaud is a small hill station situated at 1500 meters above the sea level. It is located on the Eastern Ghats, and it is very much inside Tamilnadu. Yercaud, which is 30 kilometers from Salem has 20 hairpin bends, a perfect hill station to visit. When you plan out for a small trip like this, you need to work out the plan properly. Getting everything set in advance before starting from your hometown, is something that is recommended, if you want to enjoy the trip without any hassles.

Spend some time to plan your trip

Mostly, when we plan out on a trip, we just go without booking the hotel room, but this is not the best thing to do, on a trip to a place like this. Yercaud being a hill station with some wonderful places to visit is a busy place. You have visitors during most months in a year. Booking beforehand, will be the best thing to do, and it also gives you the pleasure of staying near a tourist spot. There are about 48 Yercaud hotels that are ranked by travelers from different places. Hence, it is always better to book in advance to get a room in one of these hotels that are loaded with amenities and fun!

Online hotel booking saves time

Yercaud hotels are priced around Rs 600 and above.

You have beautiful resorts and cottages situated near to the tourist spots. With places like Emerald Lake and the Botanical garden, which is the favorite of most tourist have some hotels nearby. Getting a room in hotels that are close-by has always been difficult, but some allow online booking, so that you don?t have to waste time running to the bank and agency to book. It can be done easily from home! Choose the best spot to relax, and look out for the hotels that lies within your budget, and gives you the pleasure of admiring the beauty of nature.

There are few things you don?t want to do!

When you do not book in advance, you can end up in B-grade rooms, which you surely wouldn?t prefer to be in. Definitely, no one would like to give their family such a trip, but you can end up in one, if you do not plan out before starting from your home town. There are times, when visitors end-up paying more than Rs 1000 for rooms that look so bad. Some hotel owners increase the room rent, if they come to know that you are not able to find a place. They might even ask more than the normal.

Thus, plan your vacation with your family and friends with the help of a travel agency, or book everything by own online. Reading reviews on the internet, would give you all the information that you need to book the best hotel in Yercaud.

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