Football is about numbers and he has to transform his great talent into great numbers.

These are things like how many goals, how many assists, how many winning goals, how many goals in big matches?

I?m ready to help him, I?m ready to work with him. He must be ready, too. He has to listen.

I always say to creative players ?if you have more than the others, you have to do more than the others?.

If you have this ability, you have to use this ability.

If you do that to score goals, or to create goals then do it. If you lose the ball, it is no problem, because you had a good objective in your mind.

But when you do this for fun, or lose the ball and then don?t defend and the team concede a goal, that?s a problem.

But because these players can make the difference, I never tell them ?you cannot do this, you cannot do that?.

You can do anything because you have more talent than the others, so go for it.

But go to score, go to produce, not for fun, to humiliate the opponent, or put the ball through their legs.

With me, he will always feel these objectives.

He can get the ball and try to dribble past one or two players and go in the direction of the area.

With me he will have this freedom.

JUAN MATA won both the fans? and his colleagues? Player of the Year, so that means a lot.

They all love the work he did for the team.

Of course, he fits into my plans. I know him quite well.

I have my idea about where and how he produces better.

But we are here to try and keep him performing and to try and help him to perform better in the situations where he finds it a bit more difficult.

I like wingers coming in on the inside for the pass or the shot.

And Juan is the only player we have to do that on the right side.

But I also think that he?s very comfortable playing as a No 10.

I LIKE central defenders to be able to play. Again, it is a question of making the right decision.

You?re free to dribble from the back when you have the right conditions. You have to measure the risk.

If you see players supporting you, then build short.

If you see that somebody gives you the ball and you have no point of support, then it is the long ball. It is about reading the game. I can?t read it for them.

I can only do that for them before and after the game. So they have to make decisions on the pitch.

For David Luiz, that is the important thing ? to make the right decision.

But when a player is different and has more potential than others, he has to use his talent in a good way.

IS he a very important player in Chelsea?s history? Yes.

Will Didier Drogba always be in the memory of Chelsea fans, the Chelsea board, the Chelsea owner, fellow Chelsea players, Chelsea kids growing up? Yes.

Is it normal that Didier will be in the future connected with Chelsea again? I think yes. How? I don?t know.

Now he is still a player and a winner.

He enjoys his game and I almost had a heart attack because of him playing for Galatasaray in the Champions League against Real Madrid last season.

So let him enjoy a good couple of years of football. But after that, because he is loved in this club, I think one day he will have a Chelsea future.

HE is now 35 and he can?t play 60 matches like he did before, but the quality of the player is exactly the same.

We just have to be clever with him. But for me, performance is all about how good you are, not about your birth certificate.

WHEN Roman bought Chelsea, the questions were? ?when is he going to sell it? Is he in love with the club? Is he in love with football? Is he doing this for the right reasons??

He has won the Champions League and Premier League and his mentality is exactly the same.

I?m 100 per cent sure with a big offer, Roman won?t sell.

So he is fantastic for the club. Who knows where Chelsea would be now if he didn?t buy the club in 2003?



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