The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) on Friday reminded the general public that the use of military uniforms and other accoutrements by civilians and unauthorised persons is prohibited.

The prohibition is under NLC Decree 177 (Restriction on the use of military uniforms and equipment decree 1967), which in part states that no person shall wear or use any military uniforms, equipment, or accoutrements or other material unless he/she is a member of the Armed Forces of Ghana, a member of any other armed forces entitled by law or by diplomatic usage, to wear or use such uniform, equipment or material, or an ex-serviceman wearing or using such uniforms, equipment, accoutrement or material on ceremonial anniversary or other special occasion, or a person who by Executive Instrument is authorised to wear or use such uniform, equipment, accoutrement or material.

A statement issued in Accra on Friday by Lt. Col. E. Aggrey-Quashie, on behalf of the Directorate for Public Relations of GAF, said the decree additionally prohibited the importation, sale and purchase of any military uniforms, accoutrements and material, including second-hand military uniforms, accoutrements and material used by GAF or any other country notwithstanding that such uniform, accoutrement or material had ceased to be worn or used by any such armed forces.

It reminded the general public that the decree was still in force and any person who contravened its provisions would commit an offence and liable to prosecution when arrested.

?The civil police, military police, joint military-police patrols are authorised to check the misuse and unauthorised use of these military items.?

The statement was in reaction to the wearing and use of military uniforms, especially camouflage, equipment and other accoutrements by unauthorised persons, including armed robbers and other criminals is increasing.

?There is a worrying trend where some musicians and religious leaders now wear military uniforms for their video clips and church programmes. All these are in contravention of the decree, which makes the practice illegal,? it added.

Source: GNA


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