Mr Prosper Klu, the Birim Central Municipal Agriculture Extension Officer, has expressed worry about the rate at which estate developers were taking over agricultural lands.

One of the alleged houses?This development if not checked, can have adverse effects on agriculture production in Ghana in the near future,? he said.

Mr Klu was interacting with the GNA STAR-Ghana Media Auditing and Development Tracking Team at Akim Oda.

The GNA STAR-Ghana Media Auditing and Tracking of Development projects, is an initiative launched to promote local participation in governance and development of the districts and communities in the country.
Mr Klu said about 90 percent of land in Ghana was good for agriculture and could be used for growing various crops for export and local consumption.

However, too much concentration on buildings for settlements without leaving space for growing of food was making it difficult for some inhabitants to get food, he said.

Mr Klu said the situation had led to the importation of food items like maize, plantain, banana and even vegetables like tomatoes and onions.

He suggested that, to help maximize the use of land, estate developers should switch to the construction of storey buildings and reduce the construction of semi-detached buildings.

Mr Klu said, even though the provision of shelter was good, getting it at the expense of agricultural lands was like one sitting on a ?time bomb?.

He therefore appealed to the government to organize a stakeholders? consultation meeting to enable experts in agriculture and property development meet to address the issue.



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