Female Farmers
Female Farmers

The United States Agency for International Development(USAID) under its Climate Smart Agricultural Project has organised some small scale farmers in the Western Region to venture into organic farming and aqua culture.

Mr Kwame Obeng, Natural Resources Communication Management Specialist with Coastal Sustainable Landscape Project (CSLP) announced this when he took Journalists to vegetables and aqua cultural demonstration sites at Kamgbunli in the Ellembele District.

He noted that organic farming had the potential to cultivate farm products without the application of any inorganic manure or chemicals.

According to him, such organic food products were ideal for the body as they had the tendency to prolong the life span of consumers.

The USAID funded intervention project which currently has 4 sites namely Kamgbunli, Awiebo, Half-Assini and New Ankasa, aims at sustainable livelihood strategies for people in the Western Region.

Mr Obeng said so far farmers in 41 communities in the Western region including 13 under his jurisdiction were practising organic farming due to its nutritional values to the body.

He pointed out that at a time land in the area was being utilised due to the oil and gas project, it behooved on farmers to put the small portion left to good use.

He advised farmers to intersperse their mixed cropping with special trees which supplied nitrogen to the crops.

Mr Obeng also advised them to establish vegetable farms around fish ponds and use the water to irrigate their farmlands when the fish stock in the pond was depleted.

At the Kamgbunli site, the Director of the Project, Steve Dennison said Kamgbunli was one of the 33 communities in the Western Region to have formed the Village Savings and Loan Association(VSLA) with a membership of 24 under the group name “Koyele”(UNITY).

The idea for this Co-operative venture (susu) group, he said was to imbibe the culture of savings into the communities to create a social fund to serve as an emergency fund for members to source in times of distress.

Dr Dennison pointed out that savings would enhance their financial status and living conditions and encouraged them to venture into other financial endeavours and help them pool their resources together and better their living conditions.