U.S. and Saudi officials have agreed to pursue a humanitarian pause in Yemen, where fightingby Shi?ite Houthi rebels has forced thousands of peAt a news conference in Riyadh Thursday, Secretaryof State John Kerry and his Saudicounterpart, Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubier, saidefforts were underway to forge a five-daycease-fire in Yemen to send in humanitarian aid. They said the cease-fire would be renewable,depending on the conditions on the ground.Al-Jubeir said there had been no initial contact with the Houthis, who are believed to receivesupport from Iran, on whether they would support aKerry added, ?We strongly urge the Houthis and those who back them ? whom we suggest useall their influence ? not to miss this major opportunity to address the needs of the Yemenipeople and find a peaceful way forward in Yemen.?Under the terms, the Saudi-led coalition of Arab countries would cease airstrikes in Yemen tofacilitate aid to roughly 16 million civilians in nAl-Jubeir urged the Houthi rebels to halt attacks as well, saying: ?There will be a cease-fireeverywhere or a cease-fire nowhere.?He added that he hoped the Houthis would care enough about the Yemeni people to supportThe Saudi foreign minister also said more details would be announced within the coming daysabout the proposed pause, which would affect all of

Earlier this week, Kerry announced the U.S. would pr

ovide another $68 million in humanitarianassistance to Yemen. The money will be used to provide food, water, shelter, medical care andThe State Department said the money would help humanitarian organizations, which have beenhampered by fuel shortages in the country, meet theneeds of nearly 16 million people inYemen affected by the country?s crisis, including about 300,000 who have been internally displaced.


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