Dr. Charles Furaha

A team of Plastic Surgeons from the United States are in Rwanda to perform plastic surgery on people with scars sustained as a result of various injuries emanating from accidents as well as attacks during the genocide. The objective of the surgeries is to ensure people with scars can regain their normal body appearance.

The plastic surgeons will operate on between 12 and 15 people who had already been registered to undergo the operation.

Dr. Charles Furaha, Rwandan Expert in “Plastic Surgery” explained that plastic surgery can greatly transform the appearance of scars on a person’s body.

Dr. Furaha explained that this may be expensive procedures underscoring that one surgery could cost as much as 2 million RWF. He explained that to undergo this surgery, one is required to have medical insurance.

Ralph Peninno, one of expert surgeons from the US, said good doctors are available to ensure fewer complications.

Janvier Forongo, executive Secretary of IBUKA, welcomed the activity saying it is important especially for genocide survivors.

The experts are from the American Movement called International Organization for Women Development.


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