Manish Karanji, a manager with Cyberoam making a presentation. The New Times / J.Mbanda

“Most of the system attacks come from the user and this system controls and protects the computer user from being attacked,” said Manish Karanji, a manager at Cyberoam.

Karanji was speaking at a breakfast meeting that brought together I.T managers and CEOs of both private and public institutions on Tuesday.

The Cyberoam UTM package costs US$600 for a system of 15 to 20 users.

Speaking to The New Times, the I.T Manager of Rwanda Natural Resources Authority, John Mupenzi, said that the Cyberoam UTM seems to be the best Internet security system on the market.

“Other systems give independent products which is expensive. The Cyberoam UTM offers an inexpensive comprehensive package,” said Mupenzi.

The Cyberoam products will be supplied by iMUST Africa and according to its Business development Executive, Joab Ngai, the product will help Rwanda reach its goal of being a regional IT hub.

“For Rwanda to achieve its vision of becoming an IT hub, the country needs to ensure maximum Internet security. This new product will contribute to this vision,” said Ngai.

By Edwin Musoni, The New Times


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