The United Renaissance Party founded by Charles Kofi Wayo will hold its congress on Saturday 6 October 2012 in Kumasi to endorse its Presidential candidate for the 2012 general elections.

Kofi Wayo
Kofi Wayo

The Greater Accra Regional Chairman, Stephen Osono speaking with The Moment said that all the political parties in? this? country have declared the time? has? riped for Kofi? Wayo? to also tell Ghanaians what he can do to uplift the sinking? image? of? mother? Ghana.

?It would be of great importance for the people to listen to Kofi Wayo at the congress and elect him as the next Ghana because he is a visionary leader who is poised development,? he told The Moment.

Stephen Osono continued that though, Kofi Wayo is not the president of Ghana, but he has been able to provide safe drinking waters to numerous villages and he will do more when given the mandate to rule the nation.

He averred that the founder of the URP is primarily focusing on education and agriculture. ?All the presidential candidates of the various political parties in the country share the same vision on education but URP has its own way to intensify and make education affordable and accessible to all and sundry to enhance national growth.




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