By Abubakari Seidu Ajarfor
The University of Professional Studies Accra has held an intellectual discourse on Ghana?s developmental agenda since Independence Day.
UPSASome of the issues that opened heated debates includes, what have we done as a country for the past 58years, what could we have done, what were the challenges and what is the way forward.
Top speakers were engaged to remonstrate on the achievements of Ghana after 58 years of independence and possibly to find lasting solutions to many challenges facing the country.
The Managing Editor of The Insight newspaper, Mr. Kwasi Pratt noted that development of the country was only between 1951 and 1966.
Pratt who is an Nkrumaist indicated that Ghana suddenly became an opaque for doom after the overthrow of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.
According to him, 64 factories and state owned enterprises that were left behind by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah suddenly disappeared due to lack of mismanagement and the incompetence of our leaders.
He said the greatest challenge of our country is that our natural resources are controlled and exploited by foreign multi-nationals to the detriment of the indigenous people.
According to him, the paradigm needs to change inorder so that we can develop the human capital base and build the capacity of the local industry with the required technology to dive in to the sector.
Dr. Abu Sakara, 2012 CPP Presidential candidate also blamed the media as part of the country?s major problem because the media finds it lucrative in engaging politicians in verbal tussle on their platforms.
He added that everything has gone wrong after the overthrow of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah adding that our inability to manage our resource efficiently has called for the infiltration of Africans by the Whites to exploit our natural resources.
Abu Sakara noted that the problem of this country is continuity, according to him, we have neglected and destroyed the many factories established by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah simply because our successive leaders failed to manage them effectively.
He added that Ghana is suffocating because we failed to allow free practice of multi-party democracy in the sense that, competent leaders are denigrated simply because they don?t belong to two major political parties.
Professor Dr. Goski Alabi explained that Ghana after attaining her independence was seen as a beacon of hope for the entire continent of Africa.
She said the Nine-year Development Plan by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah started as the building blocks on which about 65 state owned enterprises where established.
Prof. Goski lamented that after 58years down-the-line, the vision of Ghana became bleak because we did not have a comprehensive National Development Plan.
According to her, Ghana attained independence together with Malaysia in 1957 but in terms of economic development, Ghana is not the right match.
The Deputy Minister of Employment and Social Welfare, Hon. Ibrahim Murtala said it is fundamentally and intellectually flawed to compare Ghana to Malaysia because of the political stability they enjoyed over 20years and opened doors by the international market to do business with them.
He explained that foreign investors will never want to do business in Ghana if Nigeria experiences political instability because many will flee to Ghana for asylum and that will mount fears.
According to him, the issue of government being the corrupt is undeniable fact but the fact is that we are all corrupt and therefore Ghanaian have the shared responsibility to fight corruption at their door steps.
The Deputy Minister said his government have accepted the blame for the ?Dumsor? but the question is ?what has successive government done? to stop the energy crisis.
He has blamed the so called Policy think-tanks who go about with cup in hands begging for monies and rating companies anyhow.
Franklin Cudjoe of IMANI-GH fired the government for their failure to solve the economic crisis since they control resources of the nation.
Instead they critically examine the problems and take advices; government consistently pulled misleading statistics to mean success.
This was part of a leadership symposium organized by the Drolor Centre for Strategic leadership UPSA under the theme ?Ghana?s Developmental Agenda: 58years of Independence, How and How Not?.?
The Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper (Kwesi Pratt), 2012 CPP Presidential candidate (Dr. Abu Sakara Foster), Deputy Minister of Employment and Social Welfare (Ibrahim Murtala), CEO of IMANI-GH (Franklin Cudjoe), CEO of African Energy Consortium Ltd (Kwame Jantuah) and the Dean of school of graduate studies UPSA (Prof Dr. Goski Alabi) all agreed that there is absolutely leadership incompetence.


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