The Upper West Akim District Assembly has failed to elect a Presiding Member after two rounds of voting in an election supervised by officials from the Eastern Regional Directorate of the Electoral Commission (EC) at their inaugural ceremony at Adeiso.

Mr Eric Kwesi Mensah, Assembly man for Danso Electoral Area, the immediate past PM for the Assembly and Mr Samuel Atitiso Sikayena Assembly Man for Roman Ridge Electoral Area contested.
Thirteen of the 39 member Assembly were Government appointees.


At the first round of voting Mr Mensah obtained 23 votes, while Mr. Sikayena had 16 votes.
In the second round, Mr. Sikayena pulled 19 votes, while Mr. Mensah had 20 votes, indicated that both of them failed to obtain the two thirds votes requirement to be confirmed as PM for the area.

The election has been deferred and will take place within 10 days per the standing orders of the Assembly.
Earlier, Mr. Eric Kwakye Dafour, Eastern Regional Minister who inaugurated the Assembly and the 130 –Member-Unit Committee urged them to serve wholeheartedly.

He also delivered the President’s Address with a call on them to unite and let the development of the area be their top most priority and affirmed government’s commitment to better their lots.

Mr Abass Abubakari Adam, Asamankese Circuit Court Judge led them to take the oath of office, Allegiance and secrecy and later swore them into office.


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