The Upper East Regional Police Command have assured the people of the Upper East Region a crime free Christmas.

Addressing the press at an event organized at the Regional Headquarters, the Regional Police Commander DCOP/Mr.Simon Y. Afeku outlined various measures instituted by the Regional Police Command to ensure that the Yulitide is peaceful.

He stated that the command will deploy its personnel both uniformed and plain cloth to the various crime prone places in the Region including shopping centers, night clubs,markets and social gatherings.

DCOP/Mr. Simon Y. Afeku said the command will increase its patrols throughout the Region leaving a skeleton staff in their offices to run the administration of the service but the assured the public of strict monitoring to ensure stringent discipline is exhibited by the Police.

He mentioned that the Police have started swooping criminal spots such as wee bases and places where criminals are inhabited in order to arrest crime in the Region this season.

According to DCOP/Mr. Simon Afeku, the Police command will laise with the various Assemblymen to provide volunteers to keep watch over the Region.

DCOP/Mr.Simon Y. Afeku touched on road safety issues as the Yulitide has over the years been mostly characterized by road accidents.

He mentioned that the highway patrols in the Region will be augmented to help check and bring violators of traffic regulations to book.He hinted that the Police is working with the various Motor Unions to arrest the use of wornout tires,overloading and drunken driving.

He however charged the citizens to invoke their civil power of arrest to check drivers who over speed and also call drivers to order anytime drivers flout traffic regulations.


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