The President and flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama?has assured the public that the security agencies are sufficiently resourced to ensure a successful election.


The President said this at a mammoth rally in Accra to wrap up campaign activities ahead of the polls on Friday.


He told teeming supporters that the government has discharged its duty towards a successful election. ?We have given the Police vehicles and communication equipment to be able to police this election so there is no reason why we are not going to have a peaceful election or a successful election.


President Mahama said all was going to be well ?unless there are evil forces that are planning to unleash evil on this country?, urging the party supporters to be vigilant to ensure that Ghana continues to maintain its position as the beacon of Africa.


President Mahama spoke of the achievements of the government and urged voters to retain the government in power. He said ?on Friday 7 December 2012,?God?is going to speak and?His?will is going to be done and I Know that when?His?will is done NDC will win this election,?.


He thanked all the chiefs, religious leaders and everybody who has ensured that the country is peaceful and asked them to continue to work ?so that we continue to maintain the peace that we have in Ghana?.


According to the President, ?we have done all that is humanly possible by campaigning, we leave the rest to the almighty God and I know He will do it?.


He promised to be a President to all Ghanaians, saying ?Ghana needs a President who is a peacemaker, humble and modest, who is not arrogant, a unifier, who eschews violence and brings all Ghanaians together?.


President Mahama also pledged to ensure the unity of the country if he gets elected. ?I will be the needle that will sew the cloth of Ghana together.?


Present at the rally was stalwarts of the party as well as Ministers of State. Conspicuously missing were former President Rawlings and Naadu Mills.

Speaking exclusively with African Election Project, Richard Quaye Simons-former Parliamentary Candidate for Central Okai Koi explains that, the party must evolve. ?NDC is NDC, whoever leads the party at a particular time and stand for the people, gets supporters to rally around him.?


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