In a press statement issued Friday, the council also noted the increasing challenges Haiti faces, saying that “they can be best resolved through close coordination between a democratically elected Government, Haitian civil society, and Haiti’s international partners.”

wpid-455651-haiti.jpgReiterating its strong condemnation of any attempt to destabilize or manipulate the electoral process, the council “urged all candidates, their supporters, political parties and other actors to refrain from violence or any action that can further disrupt the electoral process and political stability.”

Moreover, the 15-member body called on concerned parties to resolve any electoral disputes through constructive engagement and appropriate legal mechanisms and urged the government of Haiti to hold those responsible for any violence accountable.

Haiti missed the deadline to complete its presidential election by April 24, which means that interim President Jocelerme Privert won’t be able to hand power over to an elected successor by May 14.

Source: Xinhua


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