James Dzandza

James Dzandza

United Through Sports Ghana (UTS), an international sports development Non Governmental Organization (NGO), is in the country to roll out sports-related programs with emphasis on educating young and gifted sporting talents.

It seeks primarily to combine education and sports as well as offer financial support to talented young people in Ghana.

Ultimately, it will give the young sporting talents the chance to fulfill their sporting potential and unify their local communities through sport.

Currently, it has pitched camp in Teshie, a suburb in Accra and would be conducting a three-week justifier to recruit 20 children for a non-residential training program under the tutelage of UTS officials.

The vast sporting talent in Ghana and across Africa among the youth with limited opportunities to further their talents in sports in a secured and dedicated teaching environment stirred the organizers to put the initiative together.

To them, it will serve as a platform to tackle barriers like poverty and lack of education and create opportunities for those individuals who may be limited by these situations.

The Country Director of United Through Sport Ghana, James Dzandza, pointed out in an interview that ?in a country where opportunities are scarce, sport can promote improved health, increased social participation and help unify communities.

?We are in talks with the stakeholders in the Ghanaian football scene regarding this initiative and we will in the near future construct our Sporting School of Excellence, to help young individuals to reach their full potential in Education and Sport. Also, this will serve as an engine to feed the country?s various national teams.?

United Through Sports seeks to increase voluntary participation and empower the Ghana Voluntary Project, its commercial arm that recruits volunteers from other volunteer organizations around the world.

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