United for Change Movement has indicated that Ghanaians have been waiting with baited breath to reap the fruits of all the innumerable pledges the NDC administration made and continues to make to Ghanaians since 2009.

wpid-John-Dramani-Mahama.jpgIn a press release, the group stated the NDC’s pledge to end the erratic power supply from the VRA and its siblings as one of such failed promises.

President Mahama, they stressed, was very categorical with his promise of making Ghana’s power crisis a relic of the past. However, the results of these promises and the interventions the government claims to have brought on board to dwarf this power crisis to the background have been nothing more than a pipe dream! The crisis keeps on worsening with each minute that passes, and the government seems not to either care or incompetent in handling the situation.

United for Change Movement believes that government’s failure to find a lasting solution to this crisis is a clear breach of the social contract the NDC administration signed with Ghanaians, and this, in our candid opinion, is untenable.

“This unprecedented power crisis has had a very telling effect one Ghanaians as a whole; industries and businesses are paying more than they should to keep their businesses afloat, the ones with little financial muscle to bear these exorbitant costs are folding up, workers are being laid off, the hardest hit are the barbers, hairdressers, iced kenkey and water sellers, and a host of other entities. The gravity of the crisis has permeated every facet of the Ghanaian society to the extent that parents with wards in senior high schools are being coerced to cough out unearned monies to help buy generator sets and to fuel them to enable students attend preps during the night.”

The release also has it that, University of Ghana students have been asked to pay extra Ghc100.00 amid intense protestations. This, the group mentioned, was a direct result of gross levels of incompetence in handling a situation which could have been dealt with within a year or two.

It is against this backdrop that United for Change Movement is throwing its weighty weight behind the New Patriotic Party and all the other parties lacing up their boots to hit the streets on the 18th day of February, 2015.

United for Change Movement is urging the NPP and Ghanaians not to make this planned demonstration a nine day wonder, but must strive to replicate this in all the other regions.


Source: spyGhana.com


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