The United Cadres? Front (UCF) of the National Democratic Congress, has expressed its

disdain for the current conflict between the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) and the government.

Mr Efanom Nyaku, General Secretary of the UCF, said at a press conference in

Accra that although they did not want to comment on the doctors? strike and the intended

mass resignation for the sensitive nature of the issue, it had become necessary to do so

for the sake of saving the economy.

He said some groups often claimed strike actions were the exercise of their

constitutional and democratic rights they often failed to see that the same constitution

made provisions not to embark on strike action whilst at the negotiation table.

?We do not wish to state at least for now, that the government should take any

action that may lead to the dismissal of doctors to necessitate loyal and patriotic ones

to re-apply, but we wish to register our appreciation, as cadres for the action taken by

the National Catholic Health Council as regards the dismissal of 14 doctors from the

Techiman Holy Family Hospital?.

Mr Edward A. Mba, Vice Chairman of the Cadres, said ?How can the GMA

negotiate for a demand to be put on 2016 budget, and yet go on strike in 2015 over it

while they are taking their usual salary??

He urged the President of the Republic to continue to show the true spirit

of leadership to set the pace for good governance in the country.

Mr Mba noted that the country’s greatest enemies were the citizens, because

they put premium on ?the self? over ?the nation? and personal interests had unfortunately

taken away what the people could treasure as their own.

He stressed that another reason for their position on the conflict was

because doctors were sacrificing the lives of the people for their own interests, which

even had nothing to do with their salary.

?We expect those who are courageous to speak out to damn the devil and

strongly come out to save the lives of millions of innocent citizens who are at the mercy

o those they toiled to make what they are,? he said.

The Vice Chairman, therefore, urged all striking groups, especially

doctors and teachers who are fighting for their rights to also consider the reciprocal

rights of others, to temper justice with mercy and rescind their decision to abandon their


Source : GNA/


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