Metro Mass Transit (MMT)
Metro Mass Transit (MMT)

Credible intelligence reports from my sources at the recently held Metro Mass Transit Workers Union meeting hint that the leadership of the Union fears the laudable reforms initiated by the competent new Managing Director (MD) would expose their hitherto uninterrupted corrupt deals .

Mr. Bennet Aboagye’s transformational leadership has revived Metro Mass Transit which was on the verge of collapsing.
Listed below are some of his achievements:
1. Improved revenue from GhC 160,000.00 to GhC 230,000.00 per day.
2. MMT losses reduced from GhC 2.5 million a month to GhC 1.6 million a month
3. A new infrastructure account has been set up for the upgrading of MMT terminals
4. MMT employees now get paid on the first day of the month instead of the 10th day of the month.

All the above have been achieved in just 4 months of being in office!

The NPP came to power on the wings of an anti-corruption crusade. Therefore Mr. Bennet Aboagye should be encouraged to do more so that the NPP government would not struggle with the funding of the free SHS. A greater percentage of the funding of government initiatives would come from plugged NDC corrupt holes which previously siphoned government revenues to private pockets.

The Union leaders have scheduled a nationwide demonstration against the MMT Managing Director for Tuesday September 26, 2017. Among the outrageous lies they are perpetrating are:

a. The MD has bought a brand new vehicle for himself
b. The MD has hired a Consultant who earns GhC 8,000.00 per month
c. The MD has hired an NDC lady as the new Procurement Manager.

Liars will forever remain liars. These NDC Union leaders have been caught pants down and the only alternative left for them is to resort to the tactics of “babies with sharp teeth”.

Source: Quaisie Asamoah


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