Unilever Ghana Some School Children Washing Their Hands During The Event

Unilever Ghana, through its Lifebuoy soap brand on the sidelines of the Independence Day Celebration in Tamale, offered facilities for over 10,000 people who thronged the Aliu Mahama Sport Stadium to wash their hands.

“Lifebuoy team mounted handwashing stations at vantage points within the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium to give the people the opportunity to wash their hands after engaging in any activity that got their hands dirty.


“This was to prevent them from contaminating any food item which they consumed. They were not just offered soap to wash their hands under running water.

“The proper way of washing hands was demonstrated and samples of Lifebuoy soap was shared to enable them continue what they had learnt by making handwashing with soap under running water a habit,” a Unilever Ghana statement copied to the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Friday stated.

The statement said Unilever Ghana, through its Lifebuoy brand believes that a peaceful nation needs a healthy people to work towards social and economic development.

“Indeed, a healthy nation is a wealthy nation. Unilever Ghana celebrates Ghana’s Independence Day with a sense of Lifebuoy’s Social Mission to create awareness and educate Ghanaians about the importance of washing hands with soap under running water – before breakfast, lunch, dinner, after using the toilet and during daily baths,” it said.

The statement said the importance of handwashing with soap under running water lies in the fact that it is an inexpensive way of preventing the spread of germs and infections from one person to another.

“Through this simple healthy practice, diseases such as cholera, influenza and respiratory infections can be prevented,” it said.

The statement said, “Unilever as a business believes in prioritizing the consumer in all that we do. Therefore, in solidarity with the people of Ghana on this historic day, Lifebuoy, which is the world’s number one selling antibacterial soap is promoting proper hygiene habits among Ghanaians”.

It said undoubtedly Lifebuoy is not relenting on the gains made over the years with regard to educating Ghanaians about proper handwashing.

“Going forward, more resources have been committed to the High5 for handwashing campaign. The “School of 5” programme, which helps inculcate the habit of handwashing with soap under running water in school children is ongoing,” the statement said.


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