Unidentified warplanes Monday shelled a munitions depot belonging to a Libyan militia in the town of Gheryan, some 85 kilometres south of the capital Tripoli, local media reported.

wpid-TurkishAirForceF-4warplanefiresduringmilitaryexercise1.jpgThe strike set off explosions in the base of the Islamist-leaning Libya Shield force, the Al-Wasat news site reported citing witnesses.

City council spokesman Shukri Ballah told the website that one member of the Libya Shield was being treated for injuries, but that the depot had been mostly emptied as an attack was expected.

US officials in August told the New York Times that the United Arab Emirates had carried out similar raids on positions held by Islamist militias and allies in the Libyan capital.

Despite the raids, the Islamists’ Operation Libya Dawn succeeded in gaining control of most of the capital, overrunning positions held by rival forces from the western city of Zintan.

Fighting has also continued in Libya’s second city Benghazi, where forces loyal to retired general Khalifa Haftar have been pushed out of most of the city by a coalition of Islamist militias including the hardline Ansar al-Sharia.

Two special forces troops were gunned down in the city on Monday, al-Wasat said.

The violence came a day after Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni ruled out dialogue with the Tripoli-based forces.

“We cannot hold a dialogue with terrorist groups operating outside the state,” al-Thinni told Sky News Arabia.

The premier accused Qatar and Turkey of supporting the Islamists.

“Tripoli has been taken hostage by Libya Dawn, who want to push through a specific agenda, the agenda of the [Muslim] Brotherhood,” he said.

Al-Thinni insisted that forces loyal to his government controlled much of the country, saying that apart from Benghazi and Derna, the entire eastern half of Libya’s coast was in its hands, along with all of the mainly desert south.



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