As the African continent Tuesday marked the International day of the African child, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) urged the Burundian government to improve children’s rights, a press release from the UNICEF said.


“Children need a protecting world that ensures their well-being and that allows them to exploit their potential. Burundi has made a lot of progress in terms of promotion of children’s rights. However, gains in the education and health sectors need to be preserved,” said UNICEF Representative in Burundi, Johannes Wedenig, in the press release.
According to Wedenig, since the end of April, “many violations” of children’s rights were reported in Burundi. “At least five children were killed and several others injured and some of them by bullets. Others were exposed to violence by coming closer to areas of clashes,” said UNICEF Representative in Burundi Johannes Wedenig.
He indicated that despite those violations of children’s rights currently taking place in Burundi, at least 95 percent of Burundian children go to school and four out of five children are immunized against current diseases.
The UNICEF has called on all parties including the government, security forces, families and communities to ensure protection of all children.
Burundi has been in turmoil since April 25 when President Pierre Nkurunziza, who has been in power since 2005, announced that he will run for a third term in the upcoming elections, despite warnings at home and abroad.
Clashes between protesters and police, mainly in the capital Bujumbura, have left more than 30 dead including children, according to Burundi’s civil society groups.
Opponents say Nkurunziza’s decision violates the constitution that limits the president to two terms in office.
His supporters however argue that his first term does not count as he was appointed by parliament, not elected by people. Enditem



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