Right Reverend Professor Emmanuel Martey
Right Reverend Professor Emmanuel Martey

By Margaret Jackson

There are indeed many ills in our society and like the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rt. Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey, rightfully said church leaders must boldly and constructively speak against them. However, this Great Commission should not only rest on church leaders, but Ghanaians of all walks of life. When we see something that is evil and will lead us to chaotic situations, it must be our collective responsibility to comment on it and boldly condemn it.

Right Reverend Professor Emmanuel Martey
Right Reverend Professor Emmanuel Martey

Whenever church leaders blare their voices to claim their one-cent fame on radio, television, and the pulpit, they sound as if corruption is the only malice in society. Therefore, these church leaders spend a lot of time hitting on government, politicians, and entirely covering issues that burn in their own backyards.

Of course, corruption is bad, but we have so many ills in society today that are equally terrible and must never be entertained. One of these terrible harms is wife beating which is very common in many homes in Ghana.

Rev. Martey, the politician cum pastor, is well known for his penchant of portraying himself as a saint and the one who holds the magic wand of solving Ghana?s power crisis in just three months. This one-sided politician clothed in church garb, always do not spare anything by lashing at the government anytime he has the opportunity.

Unfortunately, this man with a high-beat temper is a serious and active wife-beater who does not see anything wrong about wife beating. Rev. Martey?s wife of many years has been at his mercy as he beats her anytime there is a misunderstanding between them. Yet, this man wants the whole world to know and believe that he is a pious person who cannot raise a finger at even a fly.

It is okay for Pastor Martey to speak against the evil acts in Ghana. He has the constitutional right to do so, but he must first remove the speck in his own eyes. He must stop beating his wife. There are many people including family and his own church members who are privy to this evil acts by Rev. Martey.

The worse thing that a man can do is to beat his own wife and later sleep on the same bed with her. I am challenging him to come out and deny that he does not or has never laid his hands on his wife. Perhaps Rev. Martey thinks that he is not entitled to be resorted to the same standards as other people.

As the country work towards building a better Ghana, such behaviours by people such as Rev. Martey must never be countenanced. Wife beating is evil!

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