How sad it is that after five years of schooling, nurses have to stay home unemployed due to employment freeze. The saddest aspect is, certain caliber of nurses are being stereotyped because they pursued their education in the universities. You must have come across a ‘graduate’ nurse who is currently unemployed or under-employed. That was not an isolated situation, it is now a common trend in Ghana because the Ministry of Health (MOH) says it does not need these nurses. MOH claims it cannot pay these nurses.


MOH instituted measures to prevent international nursing recruitment agencies from recruiting Ghanaian nurses to other countries. This is true, respecting what MOH has been able to accomplish by working with UK’s National Health Services (NHS) to officially ban NHS from recruiting Ghanaian nurses. So if MOH has being successful at preventing NHS from recruiting from Ghana, can’t it also facility the NHS to recruit from Ghana? Why is this question worth asking?

A lot of nurses are unemployed, and with about 300 new ‘graduate’ nurses completing their national service in december, they may join the unemployment pool. This ‘pool’ of unemployed nurses are seriously needed somewhere. MOH can help these nurses out. If it cannot employ these nurse, why not assist them to secure employment somewhere, just as the USA and Philippines did some years ago.

News reports reveal that UK is currently facing nursing shortage. In the light of these news reports, why can’t MOH reconsider its agreement with NHS and others who are willing to employ the unemployed nurses?

Source: Benson Opoku


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