The representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Djibouti Valerie Cliff has hailed the country’s efforts to achieve sustainable development.


The UNDP official was speaking on Sunday during celebrations to mark the World Environment Day which dropped on June 5.
Madam Cliff hailed efforts being made by Djibouti authorities to increase renewable energy production, with plans to make the country become the first African nation to use 100 percent green energy by the year 2020.
The UN official said the United Nations systems congratulates the Djibouti government and people for the “progress accomplished” and encouraged them to continue along the path of sustainable development.
“The objective of sustainable development is to offer quality life to all without destroying the environment, or compromising resources that will be needed by future generations,” Madam Cliff said.
Djibouti which is a signatory of all international conventions on environmental protection, equally hopes to position itself as a major sub-regional actor on environmental matters. It is on the basis of this that in May this year, the country hosted two regional forums on environment. Enditem



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